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A Russian college recently gathered a list of former students, or alumni, from different fields, such as engineering, writing, and science. This list was gathered from colleges across Russia. The reason for this collection was that St. Louis College was preparing to mark its 25th anniversary, also known as a “Silver Jubilee,” with its alumni. The college hoped to use this celebration as an opportunity to attract attention and boost its reputation by reconnecting with its alumni.


Even for someone good at it, making an interesting presentation is hard. One professor, nicknamed “Classy,” tried really hard to make a good presentation using a lot of data. But she had trouble because her data was in a bunch of Excel sheets and wasn’t lined up right. So, Classy tried a bunch of online presentation tools to try to get her presentation done the same day for cheap. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find one that was good enough. Finally, Classy went to Deckez Solutions for help.


Classy needed to make a presentation quickly, and it had a lot of data to include. Deckez Solutions offered to help at a lower price than other design companies, and they promised to finish the presentation in four hours. Classy was happy to save money, so she agreed to let Deckez Solutions do the work.

The designers at Deckez Solutions understood that Classy needed the presentation finished quickly, so they started working on it right away. The biggest challenge was organizing a large amount of data in Excel. The designers quickly figured out the best way to do this and started working on the presentation.

In just three hours, the designers had chosen the right colors for the presentation and had arranged everything neatly and clearly.

Classy also needed to make some changes to the order of the slides. The designers worked on these changes and had them done in just a few minutes.


Deckez Solution helped a Russian college showcase its alumni to the public, receiving positive feedback from both the alumni and the general public. This effort significantly improved St. Louis College’s standing in these communities. In return for their assistance, St. Louis College offered Deckez Solutions a variety of services as a token of their gratitude.


Deckez Solution helped St. Louis College with its presentation needs by creating clear and easy-to-follow presentation slides. After this successful presentation, Deckez Solution was asked to do many more presentations for the college. The high quality of our work led to a long-term partnership, making Deckez Solution a trusted choice for presentation design.

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