What is a Pitch Deck & How to Create? A Step-by-Step

A pitch deck design service provider teach what and how to create a pitch deck

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In the competitive landscape of startups and entrepreneurship, a pitch deck is a vital tool that can make or break your chances of securing funding or attracting valuable partnerships. This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of what a pitch deck is, its importance, what to include, and how to create one. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to craft a compelling pitch deck that stands out.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a brief, visually engaging presentation that provides an overview of your business, highlighting key aspects such as your value proposition, market opportunity, business model, and financial projections. Its primary purpose is to secure funding from investors, but it can also be used to attract partners, customers, and other stakeholders. For startups and entrepreneurs, a well-crafted pitch deck is crucial, as it succinctly communicates your vision and convinces your audience of your business’s potential.

What to Include in a Pitch Deck

Here is your answer for how to create a pitch deck. Creating a pitch deck involves careful planning and strategic thinking. A successful pitch deck should be concise yet comprehensive, covering the key aspects of your business. Here’s a detailed guide from an expert pitch deck design service provider look at what is an important slide to include in your pitch deck

1. The Problem

Begin by clearly defining the problem your business solves. This section should address the pain points faced by your target market. Make sure to illustrate the problem in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Source: Investor pitch deck PPT and Google Slides– (SlideEgg)

2. The Solution

After outlining the problem, present your product or service as the solution. Explain how it uniquely addresses the problem and what sets it apart from existing solutions. Highlight any innovative features or benefits that give your solution a competitive edge.

Source: SlideEgg

3. The Business Model

Provide a brief overview of your business model. Explain how you plan to generate revenue and ensure profitability. This could include your pricing strategy, sales process, and any unique aspects of your business operations.

Source: SlideEgg

4. The Market Opportunity

Showcase the size and potential of the market you’re targeting. Use data and statistics to back up your claims. Highlight market trends, growth potential, and any relevant insights that demonstrate the demand for your solution.

Source: SlideEgg

5. The Team

Introduce your team members and their relevant expertise. Investors invest in people as much as they do in ideas, so it’s crucial to showcase the skills, experience, and passion of your team. Highlight any significant achievements or relevant backgrounds.

6. Financial Projections

Present key financial metrics like projected revenue, growth, and profitability. Use charts and graphs to make the data easy to digest. Be realistic but also show the growth potential and scalability of your business.

7. The Ask

Clearly state what you’re seeking from the audience. Whether it’s a specific amount of funding, strategic partnerships, or other forms of support, be precise and articulate about your needs and how the investment will be used.

Tips for Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

To ensure your pitch deck stands out and effectively communicates your business’s potential, follow these tips:

  • Keep it Concise and Visually Appealing: Aim for clarity and brevity. Use visuals to complement your narrative and avoid cluttering slides with too much text.
  • Focus on Storytelling and Clear Communication: Craft a compelling story that connects with your audience emotionally and logically. Ensure each slide flows naturally to the next.
  • Use Data and Visuals to Support Your Claims: Back up your statements with concrete data. Use charts, graphs, and infographics to present information clearly and impactfully.
  • Tailor Your Pitch Deck to Your Audience: Customize your presentation based on the audience’s interests and expectations. Highlight aspects that are most relevant to them.
  • Practice Your Pitch Delivery: Rehearse your pitch multiple times. Familiarize yourself with the content and practice delivering it confidently and smoothly.
  • Create it with a Human Touch: While AI tools can aid in design, ensure your pitch deck reflects human creativity and insight. Personal anecdotes and a touch of personality can make a significant difference.


Remember, the key to a winning pitch deck lies in its ability to tell a compelling story backed by data and delivered with confidence. Embrace the human touch in your design and delivery, and you’ll be well on your way to making a lasting impression.

At Deckez, we specialize in helping startups and entrepreneurs create powerful pitch decks that capture the essence of their business and resonate with investors. If you need professional assistance in crafting your pitch deck, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to turn your vision into a winning presentation.

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